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The Archives are a compilation of the history of NAFSA region XI - New England.  In 1997, when Jennifer Stephens became chair of the region she appointed a task force on archives and gave them a mandate to “review the feasibility, the desirability and possibility of establishing an archival repository for relevant NAFSA materials belonging to the New England NAFSA region… (and) to look into the feasibility of seeking, gathering and cataloguing papers, records and other regional materials from Region XI’ s inception up to the present time…”

Prior to this date the region had no established system for keeping its own records. The task force recommended that the region gather and archive information that would accurately reflect its past. In order to continue its work the task force became a committee with the full support of the region XI team.

This endeavor involved many meetings, the review of numerous newsletters both regional and national, scanning national and regional conference brochures and programs, reading written correspondence, conducting oral interviews with veteran NAFSAN'S and travel to the NAFSA national archives facility at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville Arkansas.

A special thanks to all those who contributed to the research and development of this project:

Jennifer Stephens  has prepared the narrative history of region XI,  Bob Chudy gathered all the vital statistics and Richard Lazzerini has provided the website design and technical support. It was a monumental task but richly rewarding for all involved.


The Region XI Archive Committee members are:


Bob Chudy – University of Connecticut

Steve Harvey – Southern New Hampshire University

Michelle Kort – University of Connecticut

Richard Lazzerini – University of Hartford

Don Ross – Salem State College

Jennifer Stephens - Consultant

Alice Thayer – St. Michael’s College


If you wish to contribute to our Archives, please contact:


Bob Chudy

Director, the Department of International Services and Programs

The University of Connecticut